Cure in Homeopathy by Polycrest Remedies


Polycrest Remedies are an important part of Homeopathy prescribing and treatment with Homeopathy. This article attempts to analyse the recent developments like Neurosignatures and Neuromatrix towards understanding the concepts of Vital Force, Constitutional Remedies and Miasmatic Remedies. This article also describes the advantages of Polycrest remedies over small medicines, rare medicines and other newly included medicines in Homeopathy. Read this article to know about the origin of the concept of Polycrest Homeopathic Remedies, whether polycrest remedies would probably be same throughout the world, how to come to a selection of a Polycrest remedy, mode of action of a polycrest remedy, the Neuromatrix and Homeopathic Pain, the role of Vital Force in treatment by Polycrest remedies and the relation in Polycrest remedies, constitutional remedies and Miasmatic remedies.


Complete Cure in Homeopathy by Polycrest Remedies
  1. Introduction to Homeopathy, Homeopathic Materia Media and Polycrest Remedies

Homeopathy has grown over the centuries and now has a strong base of nearly 1400 medicines1 which have been recognized for medicinal and remedial use in Homeopathy. Ever since the golden experiment on Cinchona Bark by

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and then followed by the pioneers of Homeopathy, drug proving has been a core part of Homeopathy and is carried in various approved forms of proving of drugs and medicines on human beings, animals and other available sources. As a medicine undergoes rigorous proving and after being peer reviewed and approved by the Homeopathic bodies of today, it gets recorded completely, and then is included into the Homeopathic Materia Medica. It can be recorded with more emphasis on the Mind or in some it may be recorded on a more physical domain and still while some others may provide an analytical approach.

As time progressed, proved medicines are re-proved and any new out comings can also be recorded and be given their importance accordance to their frequency of getting repeated and on the basis of other criteria.

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