An introduction to Cervical Cancer and Homeopathy

This article will be split into parts in the coming days. Life originated from the ancient seas or the primeval broth and as was suggested by Dawe, a pre-life stage which was a type of cancerous or a “neoplastic” – which had an infinite capacity to proliferate and hence life was postulated as to be […]

Introduction to Cancer and Homeopathy : A Cui Bono

Historical Background: From ages since, multitude of research on Cancer has been carried upon and many of the views and theories came up and were utilized. Some of the theories came in practical utility and many of the theories went in vogue. Cancer became the “plague” of research, and then filled up with bugaboo and […]

Cure in Homeopathy by Polycrest Remedies

Abstract Polycrest Remedies are an important part of Homeopathy prescribing and treatment with Homeopathy. This article attempts to analyse the recent developments like Neurosignatures and Neuromatrix towards understanding the concepts of Vital Force, Constitutional Remedies and Miasmatic Remedies. This article also describes the advantages of Polycrest remedies over small medicines, rare medicines and other newly […]

How to take Homeopathy medicines – and their restrictions

This article describes about how to take Homeopathy medicines that are prescribed by your Homeopath. For most of the other Homeopathy medicines and preparations that are available over the counter, have instructions on them which are mostly safe to take the remedies. The most preferable way to take Homeopathy medicines depends on whether the medicine […]

How To of Ayurveda

This article describes complete Ayurveda. Get to know the different aspects of Ayurveda, the origin of the system of Indian medicine and how it has evolved to its current state. This article is an adaptation from the Wikipedia article on Ayurveda, but written in original words. Ayurveda is derived from two words. Ayu and Veda. […]

Top 3 tips about How to get better after a surgery?

Are you looking for information, tips and guidance about how to get well after a surgery? Check this article to know more about the getting well and the hurdles in getting well and jump-starting back to your daily routine in top 3 ways. “After all that we have faced, we will still keep going” – […]

Summer Care tips for a cool experience

This article describes about how you can take proper care of self in days of summer. Read to know about care for each part in detail. In India, April and May have hotter climate, its Summer Season, and it very difficult for working women as well as house women to protect their eyes, skin, hair, […]

अपने आप में सुधार कैसे करें?

आज कल की बिजी लाइफ मैं औरतो को जादा से जादा वक्त अपने काम पर ही दे न पड़ता है. उनको दो प्रकार के काम होते है. एक मतलब घर का काम और वो संभलकर करने पड़ने वाला बहार का काम. जो आज कल जरुरी है. क्यू की किसी एक के कमाई से घर चलाना मुश्किल […]

How to make your infant sleep?

Every mother looks for this answer. How to make your infant sleep? This happens with each and every infant, whether your infant is a boy or a girl, they just do not know how to sleep! So what happens when a baby wants to sleep? Your baby as now grows through stages of being an infant, they becomes more […]

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