How to prepare Mushroom Fried Rice?

Mushroom fried rice recipe is a great amalgamation of Basmati rice with Onion, garlic, chilli and mushrooms. It tastes very nice when correctly prepared and served in an appropriate manner. Check this article to know the ingredients required and the method of preparing Mushroom Rice and end up with licking your fingers for the lingering taste and smell!

How to prepare Prawns Fried Rice?

  Are you looking for a good recipe to prepare Prawns Fried Rice? Check this recipe to know more about the ingredients required to prepare a tasty, mouth watering and finger licking Prawns Fried Recipe.   Prawns are a sea food delicacy. You get to see Prawns in many sizes, if not shapes. The shape […]

How to make Eight Jewels Rice?

Many a times we have a desire to have something special and different food to eat to satisfy our taste buds. But when we think of doing some recipe, we are many a times left thinking about what do we make? Well, in such a situation check out this recipe, about How to make Eight Jewel Rice?

How to cook quickly a mini Biryani for Bachelors?

Are you a bachelor (A unmarried boy / girl) or a person who is currently living alone and lazy to cook a scrumptious lunch and still hungry? Check this recipe to make a nutritious, healthy mini chicken biryani without any oil and without any hassles and satisfy your hunger!

Two layered Chicken Leg Biryani Recipe

This article describes about how to make tasty and mouth watering two layered Chicken Biryani at home. Read this article with images and video to know how to make Two Layered Chicken Biryani.

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