Orange Smoothie with Yogurt and Vanilla recipe

This article describes the recipe to make an Orange Smoothie at home. Very refreshing to make and healthy for many of your systems running inside you. Check the ingredients to know about how to make a nice smoothie. Ingredients required The ingredients required for our Orange Smoothie are as follows: 2 cups of peeled oranges […]

How to make Watermelon wonder smoothie?

Are you looking forward to chill yourself down after a long hard working day or while simply roaming out in the sun? Would you prefer to have a nice Smoothie from Watermelons? Check out this recipe which we call as Watermelon Wonder Smoothie and get fresh and feel relaxed and re-energized instantaneously.

How to prepare Prawns Fried Rice?

  Are you looking for a good recipe to prepare Prawns Fried Rice? Check this recipe to know more about the ingredients required to prepare a tasty, mouth watering and finger licking Prawns Fried Recipe.   Prawns are a sea food delicacy. You get to see Prawns in many sizes, if not shapes. The shape […]

How to make Eight Jewels Rice?

Many a times we have a desire to have something special and different food to eat to satisfy our taste buds. But when we think of doing some recipe, we are many a times left thinking about what do we make? Well, in such a situation check out this recipe, about How to make Eight Jewel Rice?

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