Palaw and Kebabs from the Afghan Cuisine

This article discusses about the Afghan Cuisine. Check this article, to know more about the food preparations and the main ingredients that could be included in our choice of foods.The chief crops of Afghanistan were wheat, maize, barley and rice. Also the main liquid sources were through milk. Thus the food preparations that came into […]

Top 10 brands of Green tea in India

With green tea becoming more and more popular, there have come up many manufacturers of green tea. Each of the manufacturer has put up their own blend, taste and colour of green tea. The effect of the re-introduction of green tea to the world is that it is being used more and more and more […]

Top 8 benefits of eating by hands

Eating is a necessity and a part of our basic goals of life. Food, clothing and shelter are required for a human being to live and thrive. As human civilizations grew and spread through the world, they were exposed to different climatic environments and thus came up the different styles of eating and living. Some civilizations […]

How to get best Air Fryer for your Kitchen?

This article gives guides and tips to decide about how to buy new air fryer which have been recently launched in the Indian Markets. Past few decades has seen an upsurge in the gadgets for the kitchen. Cooking is no more the same old style and there are many new ways and methods by which […]

How to make Chikoo Smoothie?

Time for a new smoothie and to relish the cool, healthy smoothies on a hot summer day. Chikoos are great fruits when eaten on by themselves. Well, they give your smoothie the same great taste as well and the fun to make a smoothies from chikoos is exciting as well. Check this recipe to know how to make a Chikoo recipe.

How to prepare Mushroom Fried Rice?

Mushroom fried rice recipe is a great amalgamation of Basmati rice with Onion, garlic, chilli and mushrooms. It tastes very nice when correctly prepared and served in an appropriate manner. Check this article to know the ingredients required and the method of preparing Mushroom Rice and end up with licking your fingers for the lingering taste and smell!

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