The major levels of the central nervous system

This article describes about the major categories or levels of the central nervous system. An understanding of the major levels of the cenktral nervous system will guide further from whether the signals are coming and thei memory and synapse function of the system. The human body is a complex structure where every cell has its […]

How does the brain store information?

This article describes about how the brain stores information in it. This function is called as memory. Read further to understand the function of the brain to store information. We read about how the brain along with the nerve synapses take care of the sensory information. We read about how a minimal number of sensory […]

How does the nervous system process information?

This article describes about how does the nerve system processes information and how does it create a response. This is very important as the information helps to understand how we take care of all the load of inputs of information. Introduction The most basic yet most important function of the nervous system is to process […]

The components of the Nervous System

Introduction to the Nerve System The human body has a wire-like network which is called the Nervous system. The Nervous system has broadly 2 components. The basic component is the Central Nervous System. The Central Nervous System is composed of nearly 100 billion neurons. Neurons are the core units of each nerve. The brain forms […]

India Pin Code 744101 places and infrastructure

Summary This page gives you details about areas, businesses and infrastructure. List of Government infrastructure Colleges State Andaman and Nicobar Islands District Nicobars University Type Central University University Name Pondicherry Univeristy, Puducherry (Id: U-0369) College Name Tagore Government College of Education (Id: C-6574) College Type Affiliated College Address M.G. Road, Middle Point, Port Blair – […]

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