Brief information about Belgian National Day

Are you looking for information and history about the National day of Belgium? Want to know more about what happens on this day? Check this article to know more about Belgian National Day which is celebrated on 21st of July, every year.

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The National day of Belgium is known as Nationale feestdag van België in Dutch language, Fête nationale belge in French language and Belgischer Nationalfeiertag in German language and Belgian National day  in English language.

The National Belgian day is one of the ten public holidays in Belgium. The significance of this day dates back to 1831 when Leopold I swore allegiance to the constitution as the first King of the Belgians. This date also relates to the Independence of Belgium.

History of 21st July in Belgium

Back in the 18th and 19th century, Dutch were ruling on Belgium which was then a part of United Netherlands. There were growing tensions due to economic and religious reasons and changes in the political administration strategy. Following on lines similar to the French revolution, the rebel against the Dutch, helped gain independence to Belgium.

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After the establishment of the National Congress, Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha was asked upon to be the first king for the Belgians. He travelled from England from 4th June 1831 to Brussels.

The then temporary regent, Erasme Louis Surket de Chokier gave up his position and Leopold I became the king of the monarchy of Belgium.

Events and ways to celebrate Belgian National Day

On the 21st of July, every year, the day starts with the Catholic Te Deum service in the Cathedral of Brussels and is attended by the King and the other members in service and those in the parliament.

The police, army personnel are then reviewed by the King. A parade commemorates around the Royal palace and then around the Parc de Bruxelles.

21 juli 2011 Defilé Koning Albert II
This is followed by a flypast by the airforce.

The public offices on this day are closed with a few emergency and medical services being open for public services.

People have communal parties and get togethers. Entertainment for the public is available in various venues in the city  with large and beautiful firework displays in Parc de Bruxelles.

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