Palaw and Kebabs from the Afghan Cuisine

This article discusses about the Afghan Cuisine. Check this article, to know more about the food preparations and the main ingredients that could be included in our choice of foods.The chief crops of Afghanistan were wheat, maize, barley and rice. Also the main liquid sources were through milk. Thus the food preparations that came into […]

Basic equipment required to start practicing Yoga

Practice of Yoga has been a age old practice. It began in the age of saints and rishis and they developed the practice while living in forests and then later building shelter huts amidst the forests.What this tells us is that Yoga does not need anything as such to practice and anyone can practice Yoga, […]

Top 10 brands of Green tea in India

With green tea becoming more and more popular, there have come up many manufacturers of green tea. Each of the manufacturer has put up their own blend, taste and colour of green tea. The effect of the re-introduction of green tea to the world is that it is being used more and more and more […]

Top 8 benefits of eating by hands

Eating is a necessity and a part of our basic goals of life. Food, clothing and shelter are required for a human being to live and thrive. As human civilizations grew and spread through the world, they were exposed to different climatic environments and thus came up the different styles of eating and living. Some civilizations […]

How to get good sleep with Savasanna Yoga Pose

Have you been finding yourself awake through the night? Or getting up too frequently in the night only to find that your mind is frequently racing  and thinking over long projects or irritating thoughts? Is your partner finding it difficult to sleep because of his or her concerns and thus making you feel restless?Here are […]

How to perform Jalneti

How to do Jalneti?This is a cleansing and immune boosting activity, wherein a specially designed pot is used to cleanse the nostrils with warm saline water.Benefits of JalnetiThe benefits of doing regular jala neti are as follows:Helps clean the nostrils and nasal passage of dirt and mucus.Helps in relieving symptoms of sinus congestion, nasal blockage […]

Trikonasana in Yoga

TrikonasanaThe Trikonasana is an asana (pose) in triangular stance; which improves flexibility and muscular support and joint movements.Trikonasana is a 2 dimensional movement posture where the triangular movement is done on the right and left sides of the body. Stand with both the feet being 3 to 4 feet apart, knees straight (not bent) and […]

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