How to exfoliate your skin?

Did you ever wonder how to get a nice glowing skin and to avoid getting the dull flakiness that slowly creeps in and you do not know what to do? Check this article to know more about how to exfoliate your Skin in an inexpensive way and still look good, glowing and shining.

How to stand and sit correctly during pregnancy?

Are you looking for information about what would be the most correct position to sit and stand during pregnancy so you and your growing baby do not suffer from any troubles? Then read this article to get information precisely about what to do and what not to do about sitting and standing during pregnancy.

Complete Cure in Homeopathy by Polycrest Remedies

Polycrest Remedies are an important part of Homeopathy prescribing and treatment with Homeopathy. This article attempts to analyse the recent developments like Neurosignatures and Neuromatrix towards understanding the concepts of Vital Force, Constitutional Remedies and Miasmatic Remedies. This article also describes the advantages of Polycrest remedies over small medicines, rare medicines and other newly included medicines in Homeopathy. Read this article to know about the origin of the concept of Polycrest Homeopathic Remedies, whether polycrest remedies would probably be same throughout the world, how to come to a selection of a Polycrest remedy, mode of action of a polycrest remedy, the Neuromatrix and Homeopathic Pain, the role of Vital Force in treatment by Polycrest remedies and the relation in Polycrest remedies, constitutional remedies and Miasmatic remedies.

Homeopathy First Aid Kits by Dr Apurva Tamhane

Welcome to Homeopathy on First Aid Kits. With our discussions on Homeopathy and its First Aid Approach, we aim to let you know about how Homeopathy works and how it can be helpful when you get affected and then instead of opting for any chemical allopathic medicine, you can decide to choose Homeopathy, a very […]

Medtronic brings in Hooman Hakami to drive Diabetes business

Hooman Hakami Courtesy: BizJournals Hooman Hakami was announced as the Executive vice president and the Group President of their business in Diabetes on 13th May 2014 ( Tuesday). Hooman Hakami is a influential leader in his domain and was the President and CEO of General Electric’s Healthcare Detection and Guidance Solutions Unit. Prior to this […]

Increase in Type I and Type II Diabetes noted by Doctors

Children getting Obese and becoming Diabeticphoto credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin ccDoctors in New York have noted a significant increase in the incidences of children of New York, being diagnosed by Type I and Type II Diabetes. The main reason behind this increase is because of children getting more overweight and more obese than what […]

How to quickly lose weight

The belt fitting no more?photo credit: bark via photopin ccLosing weight is a dream come true for many of us and is always a challenge in itself. Staying slim and trim, in correct shape is a thing that everyone will love. But losing weight too quickly can become dangerous for the body. Sudden change in […]

How to remove a Love Bite – a hickey?

photo credit: kynan tait via photopinccThe Love Bite!photo credit: kynan tait via photopin ccLove bites, also known as Hickey are great and cool in the hottest of those moments of making love, but can be a meddlesome when you need to become social with others. Let us say that you need to go to your […]

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