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Hello. On this page, I will try to make my best effort to tell you about me as a person.

I am basically from Mumbai. I am a doctor by profession and I practice Homeopathy. Still, I always had a interest towards computers and the internet. When I was young, I used to be amazed at the number of times I used to make my brother re-install the Windows operating system because I used to “crash” them. I don’t know how!
But that instilled in me an interest in how computers work.
Internet came to our home in 1999 when a web page used to take 10 minutes to upload and bandwidth used to be 16 kbps on the noisy dial up modem. I remember the days when the 16 kbps went up to 33 kbps and it was a wow on the speed when webpages started loading in 3 to 5 minutes instead of 10.

Well, I was through my medical education and yet I had this “craze” towards doing something on the internet. I started a YahooGroup called MumbaiHangOut in May 2005. I didn’t have much ideas about what to do over there, but I got a member (Boon Das) who was posting very good content on the group. I became friends with him and soon enough he was my moderator and then co-owner and then with his companionship, we took the group to good heights where the group reached to more than 3 lakh members. I used this time to learn HTML (4th version) and a bit of CSS as well. Somehow I did not like to learn JS – I donno why…

We were invited to the first YahooGroups Moderators union in 2007.
In the meantime, a new website was launched for the group of which I was not much a big part but it was there. (www.mumbaihangout.info) and then www.mumbaihangout.org.

I was not able to do any contributory or moderator activity in that group because of my medical education and thus things were not flowery and nice looking with Boon and I decided to leave that group. 2008, I bid good bye to all activities over there. I could not be a part of the monetary activities and all of my efforts were measured free of cost!

I was writing a blog in those days (which later got spam marked and deleted by blogger), but I could get my Google AdSense pub ID through it.

So after I left MumbaiHangOut, my search for earning online got a new face look in the form of IndiaStudyChannel which happened to be a Revenue sharing site and I did not need to pay anything over there to be a member and could even put in my AdSense ID over there. I did not earn much in the starting months over there.
I liked to contribute articles over there and in the next few months I became a Forum Editor, then got editing rights in other sections. Soon, I was given Webmastership at sister sites like www.mumbaispider.com, www.freehealthchannel.com. That was a time when the main site and its sister sites were growing well. All of that time phase was a learning ground for me which I could do so and that too without monetary expenses apart from my internet bill and time.

That phase did not last long. One of my friends, had bought a new domain in March 2009 and he could not work on it much and in October 2009, asked me whether I want to handle it. Well, that was another opportunity for me to create on WordPress CMS, which I had never worked on before and I did not require to invest anything in it. Moreover, he was OK with me having my own adsense and all income to be mine.

And more to that, those days, AdSense and Google properties were not that strict on original content.

So, I got a ground to experiment and learn working on WordPress CMS and my AdSense ID was not at any risk. The website was www.indiarecruitmentjob.com.
So, I started posting job posts and started working on making the website grow, put in categories, working with SEO, knowing the plugins and all sorts of things. Posting started from 1 post per day to 5 to 10 and went to a max of 30 – 40 posts per day. Well, it was all copy paste. Why? I believed or rather, made a belief that job posts did not have much to change and thus it is allowed. We even had employed 4 writers and were paying them well! Even to the extent, that I decided to woo a full time employed bank employee to join us for a equivalent salary. Well, that did not happen and it was more of a show off!
We even went ahead of many sites related to India Recruitment and Job and one of them to note was www.jobsdecade.com. That site was ranked less than 10000, but because of our activities, it came down to more than 10 lakh rank! And yet the webmaster became my close friend!

We had good income from the site. It had gone to a maximum of 40 dollars per day! And then the bad thing happened. Google’s Penguins and Pandas started taking birth.
And one fine day, from the thousands of visits that we were getting, it went down to as if falling from a cliff! It went down to 10 and 20 and sometimes none.

I lost my interest in any posting. We knew that this was to come, but a lazy mind and not wanting to make any efforts, pulled down this flourishing website which had reached an Alexa rank below 10,000.

So, until late 2010, IndiaRecruitmentJob was a big part of my life and then it stopped being so. We removed all posts from the site. After a gap of few months, we started posting once again. Writing original posts but it seemed to be such a cumbersome task, that losing interest was far more easier than what we had thought of.

Earning was in cents as compared to the 30 and 40 dollars that we were getting everyday was simply nothing and it was far more easier to pull off rather than to strive on.

After completing my Medical Post Graduation and starting clinic and in the waiting periods of the starting days, I increased my activities on IndiaStudyChannel, although they were on and off. 2012 marked my regular presence on the website as an editor. My regular presence on the website gave me more and more opportunities as editor. This time it was not learning, but was to grow as a professional editor.
I handled editing in most sections.
I then got promoted to Lead Editor and am currently as Lead Editor for the website. I edit in Colleges, Schools, Universities, Courses, Ask Experts, Articles, Forum sections.
I also am given the responsibility to file DMCAs and I am also looking after Back end content development and Old posts Review.
I am very regular now on the site in editing activities but not much in Content writing.

My work at Indiarecruitmentjob website left me with a desire to have my own website. i tried with blogs – had as many as 15 blogs, each with different content on them and WordPress blogs and all that I could put my hands on.
I did start a few websites. One of them www.health.gen.in.

But my experience at IndiaRecruitmentJob was huge enough to make me lose interest in writing original content.

So, now with this desire to have a website and gaining knowledge and experience and ideas about which posts to write and how to write correctly, I decided to put up another attempt to start a website. In which I decided to create a website on How to articles.

So, one of my editing team mates at IndiaStudyChannel – Sultan Hoque from Assam – has a domain selling business and he offered me to start on free web hosting and I had to buy a domain name.

So I started off in that way. And this time, I could feel that I can write articles and that too in complete detail. Probably, How To is the niche I wanted to work on and with support from him regarding hosting and other related things, I got into this website with reliability.

With good support and the desire to write, I wrote articles and then with Sultan’s support, and after experimenting and crashing the site multiple times, I bought a proper web hosting where I can put up a robust site.

So! Here I am. With a WordPress CMS enabled website, a PrestaShop installation for the shop and domain selling portal, I am looking forward to grow this site into a good, high quality money making machine!

On my work side, I practice Homeopathy and I am in this profession since 2007, since my internship days. I came to Seychelles in 2012 and over here, I learned working on Photoshop and then into production and medicine testing and preparation in Homeopathy.

So, learning here as well.

Although I do work on Photoshop (we have our own labeling for the products that are made over here), I set the labels and get them printed which I do when I am not busy with patients. But I do not have the artist’s eye.
And I have seen the difference of having an artists eye which made a tremendous difference when the company employed an artist to make the logos and designs.

So, I thought of whether there can be a “better” look which can help my site to look better but within limited budgets that I keep, I may be able to take the site a step further.

So, thanks

for reading my lengthy story, and feel free to ask me any further queries. I do like your approach as we did have this good conversation which was apart from themes, websites and quotations. That is a good way of getting into communication and gesture, which I cherish!

Thanks for your time to read this whole big blabber about me. Have a good time ahead.

Feel free to contact me on webmaster@kasakaru.com for more information or any health, html, wordpress, photoshop related queries and I will be happy to help you out!

With Warm Regards
Apurva Tamhane

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