5 Top apps to read news on your mobile phone


News has become an essential spice for daily life recipe. Days start with various updates from all around the world. The transition has taken place and news has become a part of life for everyone. Even the youngsters do gossiping based on current updates and news. In such scenario, the electronic gadgets help us a lot to keep self updates with the help of various news apps.
Now the question comes about which are all the best news apps to keep in the mobiles and here is the detailed information.


Top 5 News Apps

Yahoo News Digest

This is an app who wants to get all the important articles in summarize ways. The app has

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feature to deliver the news stories in color codes manner. It also indicates the source of information and gives clear indication about attached videos, photos, etc through icons. It also has a calendar to choose any day or time for retrieving any missed update. Although, it gives updates twice a day, it has a regular working countdown to show when the next digest will be available. Users have option to select editions for US, Canada, UK and International editions.

Disadvantages about Yahoo News Digest

  • Certain stories and topics cannot be searched through this app.
  • Each update showcase only 10 articles at a time.
  • One cannot customize the categories for easy access.

Advantages about Yahoo News Digest

  • This app gives updates 2 times in a single day.
  • The design of this app is very much user friendly
  • Its color coding system holds the article at a glance.


The beauty of this app is that it allows the user to select the topics of his/her interest and

News360 App. Courtesy: Wikipedia

the app will show those selected articles on the top. All the topics or stories can be found from homepage and if your time restricts you to go through only selected topics, you can select that particular category, and you are able to do that through his app. The article displaying on the app does not have any color coding or ads but if the reader to want to read the original one, he/she can find the button at bottom for the same. This option will lead them to original page from where the other related stories can be found on corners.

Disadvantages about News360

  • The app needs internet connection.
  • Each update showcase only 2 stories at a time.
  • One cannot customize the categories for easy access.

Advantages about News360

  • It has a button to resize the text from small to big and vice versa.
  • Interesting articles can be saved to browse later without internet connection.
  • Notification can be set for any particular categories.
  • The app can be changed as per reader’s choice.


This is a news app for only Apple users and is the best suitable option for people having many profiles on social platforms. You can search the sites and can share the news there newsify-1directly. You can design the home page with your selected sites and from there; you can directly go to the site or topic of your interest. Reader can select any story to save or share with friends through his app. The opened article can be marked back as unread if want to read later. The updates for new stories come at the bottom and you can click that link to read or update the page.
Please note the company is working to give the app for Android Users.

Disadvantages about Newsify

  • Available only for Apple user.
  • It has banner ads which may hinder the reader to read news.
  • The image loading is not proper all the times.

vantages about Newsify

  • It is completely customizable.
  • Can be refreshed with new feeds.
  • Shows related sites in feed.

Circa News

This app is for readers who are running short of time and want to read summarize facts. circa-newsThe articles are displayed with bullets highlights of all related important facts. They can set up the notifications to get updates faster. Readers can select any story of interest to follow for further updates and are able to share it with others. The app facilitates you to choose the kind of articles you want to read by registering on the app.

Disadvantages about Circa News

  • Customization of topics is not possible.
  • The search option of the app is not very much user friendly.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to read in dark which needs to change mode from dark to light.

Advantages about Circa News

  • It shows original article as they are displayed on sites.
  • It allows you to activate the Reading Sync which enables you to read the article from where you have left on any other device
  • It also have an option to see only text version of any article.
  • It does not have ads or color highlights to enable easy reading.


As its name says, it dig-out all over the web to collect all the popular articles, so a reader does not have to switch from this app to other news app to cover the whole world. It allows signing in through any social site like Face book, Twitter, etc to get an idea about what your contacts are mostly talking about.

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